Thursday, December 30, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy-Goals for 2011

Since I’m new to genealogy blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to join the GeneaBloggers on facebook.  So I asked for an invite and received an email from Thomas MacEntee.  The challenge :
Week 52: Based on the goals you made last week, make a list of the documents and research steps you need to accomplish them. The great way to start a new year is with a to-do list and a plan. What information do you want and where can you get it? If you have professional or educational goals in mind, consider drafting a time line. This task is flexible, based on your goals. When you are finished, post your to-do list somewhere handy and pat yourself on the back. You just finished the 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge!
Thinking this would be motivational to me to have my goals out there, I accepted. Now the biggest challenge, I need to find the time the time to type them up and post them somewhere handy.

My Genealogy Goals for 2011:

  • ·         Complete my Mayflower Quest and apply to The Mayflower Society
Find documentation to prove Clarissa Fuller is daughter of Ezra Fuller and Avis Briggs.  (Maybe land or probate records from Jay, Franklin, Maine.)
Find death records or obituaries for George Knox and his wife Clarissa (nee Fuller).  Just need to find out where and when they died.
Find out what happened to Letis Ellen Littrell or Pate (nee Knox)
Order vital records from Alberta government.  (not the cheapest records, nor the easiest to get)
  • ·         Set up a family website
I’ve already signed up for course from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies before I knew about blogs.  Hope it’s not too difficult, I’m still learning blogging.
  • ·         Contribute to an indexing project
In the past I’ve help with Ancestry, but I’ve noticed lots of sites that are asking for volunteers.
  • ·         Complete more courses from the National Institute of Genealogy Studies
I’ve already completed some basic courses this year and have a couple more to go.  I’ve already signed up for intermediate courses.
  • ·         Clean up my database on Family Tree Maker
This may take some time as I’m always learning something new. I have quite a bit of information in my tree that is not properly cited, from my days of not knowing any different. I’ve gotten the books by Elizabeth Shown Mills and plan to use them. 
  • ·         Find time to post on my blog
I plan to aim for a post a week.  Hopefully I’ll become more proficient as time goes by.

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