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Sunday's Obituary - Lydia Elzina Knox (Brown)

Lydia Elzina Brown
      Dies At Keithsburg

   Special To The Hawk-Eye.
  Keithsburg, Ill., March 22 - Mrs.
Lydia Elzina Brown died at her home
in Keithsburg Saturday March 19, af-
ter an illness of about four weeks.
  Lydia Elzina Knox was the daughter
of Asa and Elmira Knox, pioneer set
tlers in Mercer county.
  She was born Oct. 24, 1851 and her
entire life was lived in the county ex
cept one year spent in Iowa.
  In January 1869 she was married to 
David A. Brown. To this union were 
born 16 children, eight boys and eight
girls. Her husband and five children 
preceded her in death.
  Those who live to mourn her pass-
ing are Rose Kilsey of Washington, Ia.,
William Brown of New Boston, Ill.,
Mina Knox of Gilchrist, Ill., Glen
Brown of Elizas,  Clint, Dan, Clem,
Clive, Louis, Earl and a sister Mrs.
Fern Robbins, all of Keithsburg and
one brother Van Knox of Keithsburg.
  There are 68 grand children, 40  great
grandchildren. Funeral services will
be heald Tuesday, March 22 at 1 p. m.
at the Christian church. Rev. Leslie
J. Ross preaching and burial will be
in Brink cemetery near Joy, Ill.

 The Burlington Hawk-Eye
(Burlington, Iowa)
23 March 1932 • Page 9

Lydia Elzina Brown would be my 1st cousin 5x removed
More on the Knox family:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past - Fred

This an appropriate photo for Remembrance Day week. Like the other photos I posted from my Finnish side, I'm not sure who Fred is. But this photo is mostly in English, with just a little Finnish along one side.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Belknap Brothers - Not Forgotten

Me - My Mom -Ruby Alberta Belknap - Donald Francis Belknap - his brother, Martin Henry Belknap - his sons, Gordon Bernard Belknap and Robert Martin Belknap 

As we get closer to Remembrance Day I've been thinking of those many brave men and women who served their countries. Many of those heroes are in our families trees. I thought it was time to find them and make a point of acknowledging them. Two of those young men are brothers who never had the chance to grow old. Gordon Bernard Belknap and his younger brother, Robert Martin Belknap are two of the fallen sailors who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. They are the sons of Martin Henry Belknap and Matilda Anne Krekofsky. Both were born in Sterns County, Minnesota, United States. Gordon Bernard Belknap on September 1st, 1919 and Robert Martin Belknap on  May 7 1925.  Gordon enlisted at the young age of 17 on May 4th, 1937. He went missing when his ship the U.S.S. Pecos was sunk by a Japanese aircraft on March 1st, 1942. Gordon was just 22 years old. His younger brother, Robert turned 17  just after Gordon went missing. Robert followed Gordon by enlisted at 17 on March 31st, 1942. At 20 years old, Robert is listed as missing when his ship the U.S.S. Luce is sunk by Japanese aircraft.

 The brothers are listed on page 2 of Minnesota in the "World War II Navy, Marie Corps, and Coast Guard Casualties, 1941-1945" right next to each other.

 Timeline of Gordon and Robert from the Navy Muster Rolls, 1938-1949 on Ancestry

  • 1937-May-04 Gordon enlisted in the navy at Minneapolis
  • 1939-May_15 Gordon received from USS Chicago FFT Asia
  • 1939-May-29 Gordon  on Muster Roll USS Henderson sailing from San Francisco to Honolulu
  • 1939-Jul-09  Gordon transferred from USS Augusta to USS Henderson
  • 1939-Jul-10  Gordon on Muster Roll USS Henderson sailing from Tsingtao, China to     Shanghai, China
  • 1940-Dec-24  Gordon received on board USS Pecos                 
  • 1940-Dec-31 Gordon on Muster Roll USS Pecos
  • 1941-Mar-31 Gordon on Muster Roll USS Pecos
  • 1941-Jun-30 Gordon on Muster Roll USS Pecos
  • 1941-Aug-05 Gordon appointed Water Tender 2nd Class
  • 1941-Aug-08 Gordon on Muster Roll USS Pecos
  • 1941-Sep-30 Gordon on Muster Roll USS Pecos
  • 1942-Mar-01 Gordon is listed as missing in action when the USS Pecos was sunk by Japanese aircraft south of Christmas Island
  • 1942-Mar-31 Robert enlisted in the navy at Minneapolis
  • 1943-Jun-21 Robert received on board USS Luce from R/S Lido Beach, L.I., N.Y.
  • 1943-Jun-21  Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1943-Dec-31 Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1943-Dec-31 Robert transferred to USNH Dutch Harbor, Alaska
  • 1944-Feb-07 Robert received from NOB Dutch Harbor
  • 1944-Feb-29 Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1944-Mar-31 Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1944-Jun-30  Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1944-Sep-30  Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1944-Dec-31  Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1945-Mar-31 Robert on Muster Roll USS Luce
  • 1945-May-04 Robert in listed as missing on Muster Roll with the sinking of the USS Luce

Gordon B Belknap is memorialized at Tablets of the Missing, Manila, Philippines 

More about USS Pecos AO-6:

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Miss Frances Hanson, R.T. Belknap Wed

Me - My Mom - Ruby Alberta Belknap - Donald Francis Belknap - his brother, Martin Henry Belknap - his son, Russell Thomas Belknap

The Bismarck Tribune, "Society News," notice, The Bismarck Tribune, 6 April 1932, p. 5, column 1, Russell Thomas Belknap and Frances Helen Hanson marriage; Newspapers ( : accessed 13 January 2014).

More on the Belknap family:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday's Obituary - Robert's Roots - Issac L. Loomer

Robert - His Dad - Laura Grace Loomer - Joseph Scott Loomer - his brother - Isaac Lockman Loomer

This seems very fitting around Halloween, as Issac Loomer is buried in the famous Sleepy Hollow cemetery.
The funeral of Isaac L. Loomer,                   who died suddenly, in Gardner
Monday, was held from the home
of his daughter, Miss Edna Loomer,
this town, Wednesday afternoon.
Rev. William Bolcourt, pastor of the
United church, officiated. Burial
was in Sleepy Hollow cemetery,
Concord. The bearers were Wilbur
and George Loomer of Worcester,
Noble and Walter Loomer of Con-
cord, Mr. Davis of Gardner and
Oscar Kunst of this town.
Fitchburg Sentinel
(Fitchburg, Massachusetts)
24 January 1936 • Page 6

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

It's interesting to think about how our ancestors may have thought of Halloween in the past. There are numerous histories of Halloween that can be found on the internet. This is an excerpt from the book  "The Book of Hallowe'en" by Ruth Edna Kelley. It's a book all about Halloween history, and beliefs and customs in different countries.

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Friday's Faces From the Past - Derik Lackello

This is another photo from my Finnish side. I not sure who these people are or how they fit into my family. The man in the uniform I assume, is Derik Lackello. The photo is dated September 15, 1944.

Derik Lackello, Front

Derik Lackello, Back

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Thriller Thrusday - A Wicked and Felonious Conspiracy

Me - My Dad - Johnston Cumberland Paterson - Francis Paterson - Johnston Paterson - his brother (Francis Paterson)

This intriguing case in 1859 involved my 2nd great granduncle, Francis Paterson, turning the tables on a group of conspirators trying to entrap him for assault to extort money.. Francis was a writer(solicitor) and  house factor (one who manages property) for his uncle, George Hunter of Renfrew. The trouble began  in February of 1859 when Francis took John Boyle to small-debt court in Glasgow for not paying rent at McAlpine Street. This is when John Boyle, his wife (Margaret Gallocher), James Boyle, Charles Kerr, John Stewart, and others devised a wicked scheme to  entrap Francis for assault on Mrs. Boyle. They lured Francis to the shop with suggestion that some of the amount owed would be paid, then asked him to go to the back room to check on a faulty water pipe. Mrs. Boyle was waiting for him in the dark room and pulled him down while exposing herself. The police were summoned and Francis was taken to the police office. He was charged with alleged assault, with intent to commit rape and disorderly conduct. Francis was tried at the police court where the charges were dropped due to discrepancy in the evidence. The perpetrators were then charged with conspiracy to extort money , for assault, and perjury.

The trial was conducted in October of 1859 in the autumn circuit court and received a lot of attention. It appeared in numerous newspapers in England and Scotland. The Glasgow Herald had the whole trial in the paper on October 7, 8, and 10th. During the trial, Francis had many people vouch for his good character.

  • His cousin (Henry Spence) a draughtsman states he’s a man of good moral character and has been married for two years past in August.
  • Sarah Vass or Watt whom house is right above Mr. Boyle’s kitchen said that Mr. Paterson was a nice modest man that she wouldn’t expect that he would assault a woman.
  • Jessie Beatton or McDougal had a shop next to the Boyle’s. She affirmed that Mr. Paterson was a respectable man.
  • William D. Hall (writer) declared that he had known Mr. Paterson for the last 15 years and that Mr. Paterson had a first-rate moral character both professionally and otherwise.
  • William Burns (writer) affirm that Mr. Paterson’s character was excellent. Mr. Burns had known Francis professionally.
  • Jane (Francis Paterson’s wife) spoke that they had been married for two years.

Francis finally got his justice at the end of the trial when the jury came to an unanimous verdict, finding the perpetrators guilty of the crime of conspiracy as libeled, to extort money, or found a false claim for damages against Mr. Francis Paterson, by means of a false accusation of a criminal offense knowing it to false, and by means of perjury. John Boyle and his wife, Margaret were sentenced to seven years of penal servitude. James Boyle, Charles Kerr, and John Stewart to five years of penal servitude.

You can read the case before the high court from google books

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"Autumn Circuit Court - Oct. 6," The Glasgow Herald, 7 October 1859, page 4 of 8; digital image, Find My Past ( : accessed 10 October 2015).
Not available on Google News.

"Autumn Circuit Court - Oct. 7," The Glasgow Herald, 8 October 1859, pages 3 & 4 of 4; digital image, Find My Past ( : accessed 10 October 2015).
"Autumn Circuit Court - Oct. 8," The Glasgow Herald, 10 October 1859, page 6 of 8; digital image, Find My Past ( : accessed 10 October 2015).

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday's Obituary - Harry L. Littrell

Me - My Mom - Ruby Alberta Belknap - Bessie Beatrice Landers - Angeline Henrietta Littrell - her brother - Harry Lincoln Littrell

  Thanks to my cousin Jo for sharing this obituary. 

HARRY L. LITTRELL PASSES                                           

  Harry Lincoln Littrell, son of John
and Ellen Littrell, was born near
Keithsburg, January 11, 1864, and de-
parted this life, at his home, July 26,
1920, at the age of 56 years, 6 months
and 15 days.
  He was united in marriage the 20th
day of September 1904 to Mrs. Linnie
M. Burch. To this union was born a
daughter L. June Littrell.
  He began his duties as a man in
early years, as a teacher, afterwards
moving to Chicago with his mother
where he was connected with the Chi-
cago postoffice for a period of 15
years. After his marriage he again
began to teach in which vocation he
continued until his late illness.
  He became a member of the Metro-                                                    
politan lodge No. 860. A. F. & A. M.,
being initiated January 19, 1904, pass-
ed February 23, 1904, and raised
March 29, 1904. He was an enthus-
iastic and consistent worker in the
order and a firm believer in its prin-
  He became a member of the M. E. 
church at an early date and after-
wards affiliated with the Disciples of
Christ with when he walked the re-
mainder of his days.
  He leaves to mourn his departure,
his wife, Mrs. Linnie M Littrell, his
daughter, L. June, two sisters, Sadie
E. Hyfield of Burlington, Iowa, and
Lucinda Herson of Fonda, Iowa; two
brothers, Charles and William H.
Littrell, two step children, Everett M.
Burch of St. Paul Minn., and Mrs. 
Mary E Kemp of this city. Besides
these many other dear ones and a
host of friends.
  He was wholesoled and heartily
fervent in his profession, a great
brother in his order, a true disciple of
his Christ, a loving husband, a fond
parent and a loving friend. 
  Funeral services were held Wednes-
day afternoon, July 28, at the Chris-
tian church, Rev. J. M. Dawson of
ficiating under the direction of Ro-
bert Burns Lodge No. 213 A. F. & A.
The Times Record
Aledo, IL
Vol. XXXVII, #7, 29 July 1920
Part 2, p. 13, "Keithsburg Happenings"
More about the Littrell family:

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Friday's Faces From the Past - Smith & Company

I've been very lucky to have relatives share photos with me. One of my cousins have a wonderful album of her father's mostly taken during WWII when he was an airplane mechanic. While stationed in England it looks like he had a chance to visit family. This photo is labeled Smith and company in  Bournemouth, England. This would have been my great grandmother's, Edith Elinore Smith (Warry), family. It would be nice to have names to the faces.

More on the Smith family:

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52 Ancestors - Edith Elinore Smith (Warry) -Unconventional Great Grandmother
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Those Places Thrusday - Gordon Terrace, Ayr, Scotland

Me - My Dad - Johnston Cumberland Paterson - Francis Paterson - Catherine Muirhead - (her sister) Christina Muirhead

Some places are just as much a part of the story as the people, such as Gordon Terrace, in Ayrshire, Scotland.  I first came across the name of Gordon Terrace in my 2nd great grandmother’s, Catherine Paterson (nee Muirhead)  inventory at her death in 1897. It’s listed as rents of heritage property with the names and amounts of who owed rent. I thought it was interesting that she had property in Ayrshire when she lived in Lanarkshire by Airdrie.

So when the indexes for the Valuation Rolls on ScotlandsPeople were made free for a short period of time earlier this year, I had to take a look. Going through the records from 1865 to 1925 lead me to discover that Gordon Terrace was important to the Scottish women of my family. These records even revealed the married name of  my 2nd great grandmother’s older sister, Christina. The 1885 valuation roll listed the owner’s name as Christina Muirhead or Riggs. 

5 Gordon Terrace, Ayr, Scotland

Just looking at the indexes of the valuation rolls for the 60 years from 1865 to 1925 shows how this property was passed along the female line. From 1865 to 1885, Christina Rigg  (nee Muirhead) was listed as the owner. After Christina’s death in 1889 the property goes to her sister, Catherine Paterson (nee Muirhead) Mrs. Paterson is listed as the owner in 1895. Catherine died in 1897. Gordon Terrace now goes to Catherine’s eldest daughter, Kate Greenlees (nee Paterson) and her youngest daughter, Jessie Paterson. The valuation roll for 1905 list Miss Jessie Paterson or Mrs. Kate Paterson or Greenlees as owners.  Kate Greenlees dies in 1905 leaving the property to her sister, Jessie Paterson. Miss Jessie Paterson is the owner in 1920 and 1925.

From there I found more records to tie the family together. In both Christina’s and Catherine’s death records, George Muirhead and  Catherine Kennedy were listed as their parents. Just the verification that I needed to tie the sisters together. Christina’s death records is very informative.  She died at the age of 80 years at 5 Gordon Terrace, St Quivox, Ayrshire on August 27, 1889. Christina is listed as the widow of the spade manufacturer, James Rigg. Her niece,  Kate Paterson (Catherine’s daughter) is the informant at her death.

Gordon Terrace seem to be rental property. The only one who lived there was Christina as she was listed there in the 1881 census and in her death record. I love the fact that not only were the men of my Scottish ancestry property owners but the women as well. This is just a part of the story of Gordon Terrace. Who had the property before 1865? What happened to the property after 1925 or when Jessie dies in 1938?  Did the property pass on to another woman, maybe Jessie niece (Jessie Paterson White)?

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day - True Love

Valentine's is the day we get all mushy and sentimental. This article seems very appropriate for this romantic day.  I found this couple intriguing as my Scottish ancestors were from Lanark, Scotland.  What a great story of love although I'm skeptical of the details - baptized the same day, same church, same birth date, same death date, and of course no ailments.  What a busy midwife to be helping two babies into the world within the same hour. Like all documents written many years ago William Douglas's wife is not mentioned by name.  I've tried to find who the Douglass were but I've not been able to discover their identity.

The Carolina Federal Republican
                                (New Bern, North Carolina)
                             14 March 1818 • Page 2 

Friday, February 6, 2015

52 Ancestors - Robert's Roots - Milford Clayton Stoddart - Plowing Through

Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small issued the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge.  Each week focus on one ancestor and post something about him or her. This year there is an optional theme of the week.  This week's theme is plowing through. I've decided to post about Robert's great grandfather Milford Clayton Stoddart who was a farmer. I'm a little late in posting this but better later than never.

Robert - his Mom - Maurice Randall Stoddart - Milford Clayton Stoddart

Milford Stoddart
Milford was the great grandson of Sergeant Robert Stoddart whom I've posted about previously. Milford was born February 23, 1884 at Falkland Ridge, Nova Scotia, Canada in the same area his great grandfather, Robert Stoddart received his land grant. His parents were Robert Stoddart and Pheobe Ann Drew. 

On August 25, 1907 Milford marries Alice Randall, a teacher in the area from Aylesford.They were married by Reverand H.S. Davidson in the presbyterian church in Annapolis county . Witnesses are Christine B Davidson and Jean Bruce. Their first two children, Ella Anna Stoddart and George Harold Stoddart are born at Falkland Ridge. In the 1911 census the family is living in Kingston, Kings county, the records state Milford is working at a saw mill. 

Milford and Alice with family
In the obituary for his wife, Alice it states that the family moves to her old home at Harmony in 1918.  The 1921 census confirms this.  Milford and Alice have four more children, Leila, Maurice, Glen, and Pauline. In this census  Milford is now listed as a farmer. It's interesting to note that under religion denomination that Milford is stated as a Baptist and his wife, Alice and the children are Methodist. Milford's obituary says that he was a member of the Baptist Church at Falkland Ridge, but was active with the United Church in Nicholsville.

Farming can be filled with danger and according to his death certificate on October 1,1935 (his obituary states it was September 23)  Milford is kicked by a horse in the abdomen. He dies of his injuries on October 18 at the Western Kings Memorial Hospital in Berwick.

Milford is laid to rest in the in the Aylesford Union Cemetery in Aylesford, Nova Scotia next to his infant son Robert. His wife Alice passes away eight years later.

On October 22, 1935, Alice Stoddart makes a application for administration of the estate of Milford Stoddart along with J.G. Lutes of Millville. Valuation for personal is $1000 and real estate is $2500. There is a bond for $1000. Follow the link below to see the actual record on Family Search.

More posts about the Stoddarts:
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1921 census, Nova Scotia, population schedule, district Kings 60, subdistrict 22, division Greenwood, p 11, family 121, entry for Milford Stoddart ; digital images, ( : accessed 6 February 2015).

Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Marriages, Registration Year: 1907 - Book: 1802 - Page: 77 - Number: 79, marriage of Milford C Stoddart and Alice Randall, 1907; digital images, Province of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Archives ( : accessed 13 May 2011).

Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Deaths, Registration Year: 1935 - Book: 148 - Page: 688 13 May 2011), death Milford Calyton Stoddart, 1935; digital images, Province of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Archives ( : accessed 13 May 2011).

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SNGF - Best Find of 2014, and Challenge for 2015

It's has been a quite awhile since I've participated in a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun mission  from  Randy Seaver at  Genea-Musings. This week's mission is:

1) What was your best research achievement in 2014? 

My best research achievement in 2014 was discovering more about my Finnish side on my maternal great grandmother's side.  It all started with the help of a Finnish cousin. Once I discovered the parish they came from and how the records worked, I discovered many cousins and ancestors. I wrote posts for both my Finnish 2nd great grandparents Matti Mattinpoika Haukijärvi and Britta Maria Juhontytär Polo. The record that help get my Finnish research started was the marriage record for Matti and Britta Maria.
Honkavaara & Polo Marriage
2) What research problem do you want to work on in 2015?

For 2015 I would like to find out more information about my Finnish great grandfather Jaakko Makie or Makela. I have very little information about him. All I know about him is that he was born in Finland about 1883, I'm not even sure where. I'm not sure of his correct name and spelling. He lived in North Dakota, USA by Towner county where his children where born. He moved to the Coteau area in Saskatchewan about 1911. Jaakko ended up in Rich Lake, Alberta where he died in 1964 and he is buried in the Fork Lake Cemetery.