Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Mayflower Quest

This past year, I’ve been working on proving my line back to the Mayflower passenger Samuel Fuller.  The line I’m trying to prove is: Samuel Fuller-Samuel Fuller- Samuel Fuller-John Fuller-Consider Fuller-Ezra Fuller-Clarissa Fuller-Letis Ellen Knox-Angeline Littrell-Bessie Landers-Ruby Belknap-My Mom-Myself .  I’ve been in contact with a few cousins who have been most helpful, and have proved the line up to Ezra Fuller and Avis Briggs. So, I just need to work from them to myself.  Not always as easy as it sounds.  But I have been assured by my cousins that it is worth the effort. This has been like a great treasure hunt, trying to find the records.  It has, also, been a wonderful learning experience.  Important lesson, that not all records you need are the internet. You will be required to write to county courthouses or archives. Some records can be obtained through writing to the state archive and other through the county courthouse. I have found if you have a choice; choose the courthouse as it seems like a faster response time.  Almost, but not all, will required some sort of fee for their effort in finding your record.  I found it very important to do your homework. Find out what records may be available for each county you need records for. Google each state or county you need records from to see what their policies are for getting records.  There are some states that have forms, you need to fill out and require ID in order to get the records.  The hardest part is waiting.  Each record that I’ve received is my treasure.  Some of them have been more valuable than others.  There has been some more difficult to find, and I’ve hit a couple of brick walls.  I’ve been unable to discover the death date and place for George W Knox, his wife Clarissa Fuller (nee Knox), and their daughter Letis Ellen Littrell or Pate (nee Knox). But I’m hoping that in the New Year, I’ll break down these walls. 

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