Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Scottish Roots

I use to look at this photo with my Dad, and we would try and put a name to each face.  This photo sparked my interest in finding my ancestors.  Thanks to a cousin, who had labeled the same photo, I now can put a name to each face, even the dog.  It was taken in the summer of 1903 in Airdrie, Scotland before the family immigrated to Canada in 1907. In the photo are my great grandparents, Francis Paterson and Elizabeth Danskine and their children. The only boy is my grandfather, Johnston Cumberland Paterson.  Standing behind my grandfather is his sister, Christina Muirhead Paterson. Standing on the other side of the photo is Agnes Findlay Paterson. The two youngest next to their mother are Edith Greenlees Paterson and Ewenia Kennedy Paterson. Sitting in the chair, in the same attire as her older sister, is Janet Danksine Paterson.  Right next to her seated on the ground is Elizabeth Muirhead Paterson.  Not to forget the dog, Oscar. The great thing about the Scottish, are their naming traditions. My grandparents left me wonderful clues about the women in our family.  They named each of their daughters with names of grandmothers or other names important to the family. My grandfather’s name Johnston is a recycled name, as well, used in each generation. But I can’t figure out Cumberland?????

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