Saturday, January 8, 2011

Surname Saturday-Robert’s Roots-FOSTER

This is my husband’s surname, and the surname I adopted when we were married (20 years ago).  What puzzled Robert was who were the Fosters and where did they come from?  He was more interested in genealogy at this time than I was.  So when we were in Nova Scotia visiting the in-laws in 2003, he just had to look to at the genealogy room in the Kings County Museum.  With a bit of help from the friendly volunteers, he was able to find his Foster line.  So who were they and where did they come from?  The Fosters are very Canadian.  Benjamin Foster, his wife Sarah Woodward, and their children came to Granville, Nova Scotia from Massachusetts, USA in 1760.  Benjamin is a descendant of Reginald Foster of Ipswich, Massachusetts, originally from England. 

The Kings County Museum in Kentville, Nova Scotia is a great place to find family histories of the area. It’s filled with interesting exhibits and friendly, helpful volunteers.  Although we’ve only had the chance to go a couple of time, we have found great information each time.  We look forward to a visit next time we visit the in-laws.  One of those treasures you can’t find online.

“History of the County of Annapolis, Nova Scotia: Including Old Port Royal & Acadia” by W.A. Calnek has a write up about the Fosters in Annapolis.  You can see the whole book on our roots, as well as other histories in Canada.

“Foster Genealogy”, an amazing book by Frederick Clifton Pierce in 1899.  The book is 1089 pages complied at a time when there were no computers.  You can see the whole book on Internet Archive.

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