Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workday Wednesday - Acme Dog Kennel

My great grandfather, Alfred William Warry, was a man of a few occupations.  One of his first jobs was working at the Public Benefits Boot Company in England, see August 17, 2011 post.

Once moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, he and his wife, Edith Smith, became entrepreneurs.  They operated the Acme dog kennel.  My Dad could recall driving his grandfather around to restaurants for scraps for the dogs.  Package dog food was not readily available at that time.

This framed photo hung by my Dad’s chair in the living  room for years with a couple of new paper clippings tape to the back. I’m not sure which dog this is, as they seems to have a few Pekingeses. There is no date on the clippings or which paper they are from. 

South Side Dogs
Again To The Front

A.E. Warry of the “Acme Ken-
kels,” again took premier honors
at the recent dog show held at the
Edmonton Exhibition.  In addi-
tion to numerous ribbons and
special prizes, their Pekingese
“Minto” was best Pekingese in
the show.  They also carried off
the prize for best decorated ben-
ches, while Mrs. Warry was de-
clared best lady handler.  Since
1925 these kennels have been con-
sistent prize winners, and are re-
cognized as one of  Alberta’s lead-
ing kennels and breeders of high-
class dogs.


Acme Kennels was again to the
front at the annual Dog Show held
at the Edmonton Exhibition, win-
ning Premier honors with Paddy,
a very fine Pekinese, being award-
ed three firsts, winner, and two
specials, as best (male) Peke in the
show, though competing with a
strong class.  Mr. A. W. Warry
entered six dogs and carried off
four specials and 18 ribbons, Since
1925 his nine dogs shown have
won over 80 ribbons, 14 specials
and one championship. This
speaks well for the efforts of the
Acme Kennels to improve the
standard and quality of their dogs.

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  1. Alfred probably wouldn't like it - but every time I see the word "Acme" I always think of Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner. :-)
    He did well with his Pekinese pups though!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)