Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor
This is a very interesting gravestone.  Carved on the stone:

Wm. S. Sanford
died July 8: 1845
aged 45 years
A native of Ludlow
Vermont, U.S. A.

This stone gives a lot of information.  It has Linda’s maiden name of Taylor, her husband’s name, that she was a deaf mute, when she died, how old she was when she died, and where she original is from.

Although I can’t find any ties to Robert, her husband (William Stanhope Sanford) is a distant 2nd cousin 5x removed.  I think Linda would have been an intriguing woman. How did she cope in the early 1800s as a deaf mute?


  1. What a wealth of information! I love the stones that tell a story like this, and the deaf mute aspect is very intriguing. For a while putting the cause of death on a grave marker was in vogue, but this seems more like a statement so nobody would forget which Linda she was.

  2. Thanks for sharing. What an interesting tombstone. It looks like she had a significant disability--yet married. I've often wondered how individuals with disabilities fit into society years ago. I hope that you able to find additional information about her.