Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fearless Females – Six-Word Memoir

Write a six-word tribute to one of your ancestors.  This was so much fun, that I pick a female ancestor from each of my lines.

Father’s Maternal-Dorothy Eleanor May Warry (Paterson), my grandmother:  English. Wish I Had Known You.

Father’s Paternal-Elizabeth Danskine (Paterson), my great grandmother:  Scottish. Mother. Shopkeeper. Strong. Spanish Flu.

Mother’s Paternal-Britta Riekki (Honkawaara), my 2nd great grandmother:  Lived Three Countries. Finnish, Skier. Religious.

Mother’s Maternal-Letis Ellen Knox (Littrell) (Pate), my 3rd great grandmother:  Civil war widow. American. Mayflower Descendant. (still trying to prove)

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