Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fearless Females - Immigration

I have a few female ancestors who have immigrated. 

On my mother’s paternal side, my 2nd great grandmother ( Britta Honkawarra, nee Riekki) emigrated from Finland to United States with her husband Sakris Honkawaara and four children.  From a family history book they are said to have immigrated in 1885.  On the 1900 census, Sakris states that he immigrated in 1882.  Britta and three of the children state their immigration year as 1884.  I have yet to find any passengers lists or documents to prove any dates. In the United Stated they lived in Michigan and North Dakota. They left the United States in 1911 to come to Saskatchewan, Canada.  I have found it very challenging to find records for my Finnish side, as the names seem to be spelt different on each record.  I have, also, learned that the name could be shortened to Waara. 

On my father’s paternal side, my great grandmother (Elizabeth Paterson, nee Danskine) emigrated from Scotland to Canada with her husband Francis Paterson and seven children.  They came aboard the steamship Mongolian, leaving Glasgow, Scotland arriving in Halifax, Canada in March 1907.  According to the Canadian passenger list their ultimate goal was Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Which is where settled except for Francis Paterson, which will be in another post. 

On my father’s maternal side, my great grandmother (Edith Warry, nee Smith) emigrated from England to Canada with her three children.  Her husband Alfred Warry, had emigrated the year before.  They came aboard the Kensington, leaving Liverpool, England arriving in Portland, Maine, United States in December 1907. Their final destination Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  See post dated December 13, 2010.

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