Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fearless Females – Diaries, Letters, and Journals

I don’t have any diaries, letters or journals from female ancestors. I do have photos of an autograph book of my grandmother, Dorothy Paterson (Warry).
My father was lucky to be in possession of his mother’s small little autograph book.  It’s filled with witting of my grandmother’s friends and acquaintances. After my father passed away, I found some comfort in looking through that little book that has been touch by my father’s and grandmother’s hands. I never knew my grandmother as she passed away before I was born. My memories of her are created by family stories, photos, and little bits of her life, such as the autograph book.  The book has been passed on to a cousin, thanks to my mother. (I’ll try not to sound bitter, I sure my cousin will treasure it.)
The dates in the book are mostly from 1919, a couple from 1921, and one from 1936. They were mostly written in Ontario, before Dorothy moved to Edmonton with her parents. I’m hoping some day to research the names in the book.

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