Friday, April 14, 2017

My Ethnicity

My ancestry is neatly divided into three clusters and one melting pot. The three tidy groups are:

SCOTTISH -  my paternal grandfather, Johnston Cumberland Paterson
ENGLISH -  my paternal grandmother, Dorothy Eleanor May Warry (Paterson)
FINNISH - my maternal grandfather, Fidjof Jaakko Waldemar Makie
Then there is my hodgepodge:
AMERICAN - my maternal grandmother, Ruby Alberta Belknap (Makie) This line goes back to the start of immigration to America.

Based on Family Tree DNA Autosomal Test known as Family Finder this is what my ethnic makeup looks like:


30% BRITISH ISLES - mostly from my Dad who had a Scottish Father and English Mother and perhaps a little from my Mother's American side.

25% FINLAND - probably all from my Mother's Dad ancestry.

20% SCANDINAVIA - could be from both my Mother and Dad. The Vikings were all over the map.

14% WEST & CENTRAL EUROPE - probably my Mother's American heritage, as I found some German.

7% IBERIA - no clue. I'm thinking part of my hodgepodge.

4% EAST EUROPE - probably my Mother's American side.

Trace of CENTRAL ASIA for fun.
To find out more about the autosomal test:

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