Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Happy Mother's Day

This is a day to honour and remember our mothers and all the mothers in our families. Here are a few of the remarkable mothers of Robert's and my family trees - our  great grandmothers. (All great grandmothers listed with married name, maiden name would be father's surname).

Elizabeth Paterson - Elizabeth was born in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland on March 12, 1858. Her parents were William Danskine and Agnes Findlay. She was the mother of seven girls and one boy. At 61, she died of the Spanish Flu on April 22, 1919 at South Cooking Lake, Alberta.

Edith Elinore Warry - Edith was the daughter of John William Smith and Sarah Everton Wakeman. She was born in Dorset, England on August 4, 1876. She was mother of one girl, two boys, and an adopted girl.  Edith was 70 years old when she died in Edmonton, Alberta in November of 1946.

Carolina Makie - Carolina was born September 17, 1887 in Oskar, Michigan, United States to immigrant parents. Liina was the mother of two girls, two boys, and her sister's son. Her parents were Sakaris Honkawaara and Briita Maria Riekki from Finland.  She died in 1966 in Rich Lake, Alberta at 79 years old.

Bessie Beatrice Belknap - Bessie was born August 2, 1888 in Keithburg, Mercer County, Illinois, United States. She was the daughter of James Robert Landers and Angeline Henrietta Littrell. She was mother to five daughters and two sons. Sadly only three daughters survived to adulthood. She passed away January 27, 1947 in Edmonton, Alberta at 58 years old.

Bertha May Foster - Bertha was born November 7, 1887 in Rockland, Kings County, Nova Scotia. She was the daughter of Phillip Taylor and Lucinda Lutz, and the mother of five boys. She died February 2, 1982 at 94 years old. 

Ida Leota Loomer - Ida was born June 23, 1886 in Falmouth, Kings County, Nova Scotia. She was the daughter of Edward Smith and Carrie Davidson, and the mother of six daughters and four sons. Before she was a Mom, she was a school teacher at the schoolhouse on the North Mountain by Aylesford. She passed away November 8, 1960 at 74 years old. 

Alice Stoddart - Alice was the daughter of George Randall and Martha Ella Foster. She was born February 8, 1881 in Harmony, Kings County, Nova Scotia. She was the mother of three daughter and four sons. She died at 62 years old on July 5, 1943.

Florence Odessa Lutz - Florence was the daughter of Thomas Palmer and Bessie Mapplebeck.  She was born in Rockland, Kings County, Nova Scotia on August 5, 1899.  She was the mother of 16 children, all surviving childhood. What a busy Mom! She lived to be 76 and passed away December 13, 1975. 

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