Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish in the Family

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Robert's family tree definitely has more Irish than mine. All of Robert's grandparents seem to have a sprinkle of Irish heritage.                                            

 ֎His paternal grandfather's line goes back to Joseph Neily and his wife Mary Gossard, who came to Nova Scotia in 1764. (5th great grandparents).

 ֎His paternal grandmother's goes back to Mark Patton and Ann McGowan (7th great grandparents). They left Ireland in 1761 for Nova Scotia and settled near Fort Cumberland. 

 ֎His maternal grandfather's side, Maurice Stoddart's line goes directly back to Robert Stoddart (4th great grandfather) from Ireland. See post - 52 Ancestors - Robert's Roots - Robert Stoddart - Irish Sergeant
 ֎His Mom maternal grandmother's line goes back to John McKinley and  Annie Althom (4th great grandparents) who sailed from Ireland to New Brunswick in 1859. See post about their daughter - 52Ancestors - Robert's Roots - Fannie McKinley (Mapplebeck)

In my family tree, I've found a wee bit of Irish on my maternal grandmother's side. There is a story of William Cantwell and Margaret O'Brien (6th great grandparents) being from Cork, Ireland. They were young lovers who sailed away to America to marry due to disapproving parent.

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