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Those Places Thrusday - Gordon Terrace, Ayr, Scotland

Me - My Dad - Johnston Cumberland Paterson - Francis Paterson - Catherine Muirhead - (her sister) Christina Muirhead

Some places are just as much a part of the story as the people, such as Gordon Terrace, in Ayrshire, Scotland.  I first came across the name of Gordon Terrace in my 2nd great grandmother’s, Catherine Paterson (nee Muirhead)  inventory at her death in 1897. It’s listed as rents of heritage property with the names and amounts of who owed rent. I thought it was interesting that she had property in Ayrshire when she lived in Lanarkshire by Airdrie.

So when the indexes for the Valuation Rolls on ScotlandsPeople were made free for a short period of time earlier this year, I had to take a look. Going through the records from 1865 to 1925 lead me to discover that Gordon Terrace was important to the Scottish women of my family. These records even revealed the married name of  my 2nd great grandmother’s older sister, Christina. The 1885 valuation roll listed the owner’s name as Christina Muirhead or Riggs. 

5 Gordon Terrace, Ayr, Scotland

Just looking at the indexes of the valuation rolls for the 60 years from 1865 to 1925 shows how this property was passed along the female line. From 1865 to 1885, Christina Rigg  (nee Muirhead) was listed as the owner. After Christina’s death in 1889 the property goes to her sister, Catherine Paterson (nee Muirhead) Mrs. Paterson is listed as the owner in 1895. Catherine died in 1897. Gordon Terrace now goes to Catherine’s eldest daughter, Kate Greenlees (nee Paterson) and her youngest daughter, Jessie Paterson. The valuation roll for 1905 list Miss Jessie Paterson or Mrs. Kate Paterson or Greenlees as owners.  Kate Greenlees dies in 1905 leaving the property to her sister, Jessie Paterson. Miss Jessie Paterson is the owner in 1920 and 1925.

From there I found more records to tie the family together. In both Christina’s and Catherine’s death records, George Muirhead and  Catherine Kennedy were listed as their parents. Just the verification that I needed to tie the sisters together. Christina’s death records is very informative.  She died at the age of 80 years at 5 Gordon Terrace, St Quivox, Ayrshire on August 27, 1889. Christina is listed as the widow of the spade manufacturer, James Rigg. Her niece,  Kate Paterson (Catherine’s daughter) is the informant at her death.

Gordon Terrace seem to be rental property. The only one who lived there was Christina as she was listed there in the 1881 census and in her death record. I love the fact that not only were the men of my Scottish ancestry property owners but the women as well. This is just a part of the story of Gordon Terrace. Who had the property before 1865? What happened to the property after 1925 or when Jessie dies in 1938?  Did the property pass on to another woman, maybe Jessie niece (Jessie Paterson White)?

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