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52 Ancestors - Abraham Warry - Non-Conformist

Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small issued the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge.  Each week focus on one ancestor and post something about him or her.

Me - My Dad - Dorothy Eleanor May Warry - Alfred William Warry - George Augustus Warry - William Keen Warry - Abraham Warry

My Warry side of the family has its share of non-conformists. Living in England some of them just didn't conform to the established church. My grandmother (Dorothy Warry) and her family stated they were baptists on the Canadian census records. So it's no surprise to see my 4th grandfather (Abraham Warry) in the England Non-Conformist records.  The surname Warry and his wife's surname Keen can be found sprinkled throughout the non-conformist records. 

Abraham was born probably in 1781 as he was baptized December 31, 1781 at St. Michael in Stockland, Devonshire, England. The same church where his siblings, John, Ann, and Robert were baptized.  He was the son of William Warry and Elizabeth. Most indexes seem to have his mother as Susanah, but I was able to look at the actual image on Find My Past. At the very bottom of the 1781 page is Abraham's baptism. The name Susanah is crossed out and Elizabeth written below.

Abraham Warry baptism St. Michael, Stockland, Devonshire, England

Abraham married Mary Elizabeth Keen about 1807 probably in Bristol, England. Bristol seems to be the place where he began his association with the New Jerusalem/Swedenborgian Church. A religion based on the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) a Swedish scientist and theologian. Their daughter Eliza Warry is found on a list of members baptized into the New Jerusalem Church in Bristol. She was born August 2, 1808 and baptized on August 28, 1808 by William Pownall. Their address at this time is listed as Redcliff Street, Bristol. 

By 1819 the Warry family is in London, England. On December 25, 1819, Abraham is baptized with his nine year old son (William Keen Warry) at the Swedenborgian, Fryars Street Chapel on Friar Street, in London, England. 

Abraham & William Keen Warry baptism London, England

Abraham Warry of Wm & Elizabeth Warry             25 Dec. 1819
William Keen Warry of Abraham & Mary Elizabeth
   born  3 March 1810                                        } 25 Dec. 1819

Information on Nonconformist:

More on Abraham's family:

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