Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - List Your Matrilineal Line(s)

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has another Saturday night mission.

1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Status line on Facebook or in your Stream at Google Plus.

4)  If you have done this before, please do your father's matrilineal line, or your grandfather's matrilineal line, or your spouse's matriliuneal line.

5)  Does this list spur you to find distant cousins that might share one of your matrilineal lines? 

I have done my mother's and Robert's line before for Mother's Day in May, so I'll list my father's and Robert's father's matrilineal line.

My matrilineal line for my Dad is:
a) my Dad
b) Dorothy Eleanor May Warry (1898 Bromsgrove, Worchestershire, England - 1956 Looma, Alberta, Canada) married Johnston Cumberland Paterson.
c) Edith Elinore Smith (1876 Parkstone, Dorset, England - 1946 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) married Alfred William Warry.
d) Sarah Everton Wakeman ( 1835 Stourport, Worcestershire, England - ?) married John William Smith.
e) Sarah Everton (1798 Worcestershire, England - 1863 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England) married James Wakeman.

Robert's Dad matrilineal line: 
a) Robert's Dad
b) Laura Grace Loomer (1915 Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada - 1996 Berwick , Nova Scotia, Canada) married Howard Ingram Foster.
c) Ida Leota Smith (1886 Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada - ?) married Joseph Scott Loomer.
d) Carrie R. Davidson (1865 Nova Scotia, Canada - 1943 Upper Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada) married Edward Smith.
e) Hannah Cleveland (1826 Nova Scotia, Canada - 1911 Nova Scotia, Canada) married James Maxwell Davidson.

I've not done any DNA testing, but would like to in the future. I have been in contact with cousins from my Dad's matrilineal line.  One even found me because of my blog. There has been a mutual exchange of information between us.  My cousins having a wealth of great information due to the fact that they live close to the location of out ancestors. 

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