Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

Hope all the Father’s have a wonderful day with their families.  In honour of father’s day here is Robert’s and my paternal lines.

Robert Foster, His Dad, Howard Ingram Foster (1912-1991), Ingram Morton Foster (1880-1965), Joseph Morton Taylor Foster (1833-1892),  Isaac Foster (1806-1882), Benjamin Foster (1782-1882), Benjamin Foster (1755-1842),  Isaac Foster (1728-1819), Benjamin Foster (1689-1760), Jacob Foster (1662-1745), Isaac Foster (1630-1692), Reginald Foster (1595-1681)

Jacqueline Foster, Maurice Cumberland Paterson (1928-2007), Johnston Cumberland Paterson (1889-1969), Francis Paterson (1851-1923), Johnston Paterson (1814-1891), James Paterson

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