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Sentimental Sunday – Janet Danskine Paterson Abbott

Janet Danskine Paterson & William Abbott

Janet Danskine Paterson is my great aunt who died at the young age of 25.  Janet (Jenny) is the second oldest daughter of Francis Paterson and Elizabeth Danskine, born 4 April 1886 in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  Jenny immigrates to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1907 with her parents, five sisters and one brother.  At the end of 1909 Jenny marries William Abbott.  Jenny dies 12 February 1912 in Provost, Alberta, Canada.  This tragic death must have made an impact on the family.  My father (who was born 16 years after his aunt Jenny dies) knows the story and tells me the story when we look at the Paterson Family photo. (see 23 December 2010 post)

We regret to record the death of
Mrs. Wm. Abbott of Cadogan,
which occurred at the Provost Hos-
pital on Monday last, under partic-
ularly sad circumstances.
“Mrs. Wm. Abbott”, obituary, The Provost Star, 16, February, 1912

What are the tragic and sad circumstances? Jenny dies from appendicitis.  The Provost Star reports on 23 February 1912 that this was a peculiarly sad death which could have been prevented if medical aid was summoned. They state that Jenny was under the spell of “Christian Scientists”.  The Provost Star writes that the case was reported to the authorities and that no punishment could be handed out.

Although Jenny died as a young woman who never got the chance to be a mother, she is remembered from the photos and stories her family passes on.   I’ve have been told that she was great vocalist and had a kind nature, and willing to lend a helping hand.

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